Mind Movies Bonus on Creating More Money


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Law of Attraction. Often we heard about this. We are getting bombarded daily with news media, talking about how bad things are. Obviously, there are facts that are involved that make it harder to do what we need to do a lot of times. I want to give you a mental state, a mind set, that will going to carry you through with those kind of situation. The formula is here:


What is a belief? A BELIEF is something that you know to be TRUE, which is something that is undeniable. You may have a skill, whatever that skill might be. You may have a high belief on that skill that if somebody says that you would be able to do it, no problem, no questions asked. You really are able to carry on.

Now the next thing is FAITH. It is the evidence of things hoped for, which means you hoped for something but not yet seen. FAITH is one of the spiritual concepts where when you mix belief and faith and you take something in a faithful way, it turns into a belief that you think that’s going to happen.

Now, Faith x Action = Results. Action can be determined in many different things actually. It could be your thinking, your actions that can be physical actions, as for attracting something to you. But a lot of times, the action is a mental action if you’re actually taking your mind and setting it on a course that’s going to allow you to attract that which you want, whether it’s a job, whether it’s additional, money, whether it’s more business, whether it’s attracting a spouse, or a partner, whatever the case maybe. This formula works. How? Here are a few tips.

  1. You have to come to that belief YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Nobody else is in control of your life. And when you come to the realization that you are in control, whether it’s good or bad, it makes you feel a little bit better in worrying about other things that are going on out there. You might lost your job, your business may be down, you may be running on a rough patch; but the matter that you are in control, you make that decision regardless of what it might be. That’s one of the biggest thing that I teach- how to become a controller-it’s a MINDSET.
  2. Life can be tough. YOU NEED TO BE TOUGHER. We all go through things that are not easy to deal with, but we have to deal with.
  3. Give the problem to your Mind to Solve. Now that comes back up at the formula. That’s the faith power.  Somehow, some way, we’re going to get recognition for what we have sought.
  4. Dynamic Mental Entrainment of the Positive. It means you have to entrain yourself to the positive. You must remove the negative. The law of attraction really works. But if you mix your law of attraction with negative information, just like when you’re looking for a job and you’re hearing negative news on how hard it is to get a job, guess what? It’s going to be unproductive. You’re getting the positive and negative going head-to-head. It doesn’t work very well. You need to dynamic mental entrainment to positive all the time. You have to have a positive attitude.
  5. Reduce negative and agitation in your life. People often forget that. You cannot use the law of attraction successfully in the positive if you’re in a state of agitation. Agitation means your energy is agitated. It’s buzzing but in a way which is not right. So, how to get in an agitated state? You can do that with meditation, subliminal suggestion, or so many other different ways.
  6. Trust in the process. You need to trust in the process like anything you do. So, when you have a problem, you have a challenge, you have a goal you want to take care. You put the belief in the faith. Always think that action can be mental, not only physical.

Get your mind linked in the attraction process.You are in control! Life can be tough, so what? Just be tougher. Give the problem to your mind to solve. Get that dynamic mental entrainment. Keep your mind sharp. Reduce the negative and agitation and then trust on the process. When you do these, you can get better results that you ever could imagine. It’s all in your power. You are more in control than you can imagine. I believe when you take these concepts and techniques, and you utilize them, you’ll going to get amazing results!