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ALERT! A Message from your Brain


Do you think you deserve better than what you have today? Even if it’s for fame, abundance, and other big things life has to offer, you can and you deserve to have them!

Read on to find out more…


It’s me, your brain:


Now, I know we don’t usually talk like this, seeing
as how I don’t have fingers and all…

But I’m reaching out to you today because, how
shall I say this…

You freakin’ deserve better.

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What I mean by that is, way too often I can feel
your crippling self-doubt…

I can sense your frustration when you get STUCK…

And I can see how your disempowering habits and
beliefs hold you back every single day.

Why wouldn’t I?

I am the SOURCE of all your deepest personal
shortcomings and challenges.

And of course, the [solution].

Seriously, I am SO READY to take your career…
your finances… your health… and your relationships…

To [dizzying] new heights!

The thing is, I can’t help you until you help me.

Because society and your parents and your friends
and all your experiences have programmed me to
behave in a certain way… on autopilot.

You could say my hands are tied (except I don’t
have any).

So before I can fulfill your wildest dreams, there’s
something I need YOU to do first:

I need you to [dive deep inside me]…

And find out which parts of my programming are
causing me to so often sabotage you instead of
serve you.

Once you do this, I’ll finally be free to give you
what you really deserve:

The most insanely, unbelievably, stupendously,
amazing life you can think of!

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Intellectually Yours,

Your Brain